Avoid cutting trees; use modernized hi-tech furniture with “Status Furniture”

Avoid cutting trees; use modernized hi-tech furniture with “Status Furniture”Trees are rapidly cut down to meet the demand for the products we use. There are some products that we use regularly but buy less frequently: wooden bed frames kitchen furniture, wooden sofa, and more.

What if we used something other than newly cut trees to make these products? Finding alternatives to cutting down trees especially walnut, mahogany, teak and other more frequently cut trees is a new trend in the world of forest conservation. It’s a way to take the pressure off of the jungle.

Status Furniture strongly believes in these words.

Forests have more than 100 species of trees; most of the wood products are made from the same two dozen or more tree species because consumer demand for this type of wood is high. Many of these species are now at risk of extinction due to over-harvesting. One solution to this challenge is the harvesting of species that are less traditional but have similar characteristics in terms of performance and aesthetics.

Over the past 20 years, Status Furniture ensured their clients are enchanted by their furniture portfolio and delighted with their quality work. Mr. Nitin Agarwal, Director at Status Furniture, has a passion for interiors and that drives them to deliver the best in the industry products to the clients. He also believes that passion-driven hard work, as well as a knack for fine-tuning things to the miniature details, gives market-assured qualities.

Their journey started with simple trading and then importing furniture from all over the world and then expanding the business to manufacturing world-class Make in India products. They have a huge display area furniture store in chhindwara  , Madhya Pradesh and 2 production units for modular, metal, and wooden furniture. Their factories are equipped with hi-tech industrial machines to deliver world-class products. They emphasize the quality of their products which requires diligence and dedication.

The product range: Bedstore, Sofas, Morden dining table, TV Unit, Office Chair & Table, Wardrobe, Center Table, Book Shelves, Wall Decors, Study Table, Shoe Rack and many more, also available on their e-commerce web page www.statusfurniture.in.

Their factory is well equipped to meet large-scale government and private institutional orders. Over the years, they have successfully executed large scale institutional orders and made Status Furniture mark in the furniture industry.

With a 3 year post-sale warranty; an assurance to take care of their furniture distinguishes “ Status Furniture” from their competitors. They create modern designs for their customers to experience the best. Listen & understand requirements; what they need on the best budget which results in customer’s affordable buying. Also, they provide the best service of installation of products with utmost care.

Their customer base is expanding every single day. At Status furniture, customer satisfaction alone is not enough; customer delight is what they aim for, with a vision to be the primary supplier for modern and innovative furniture. Currently, they are operating in 10 states and expect to expand their network to 25 states by 2025.

 “Decorate your home with status furniture; one-step solution for all modular furniture along with customizable solutions.”