Design Your Office Space With Status Furniture

DESIGN YOUR OFFICE SPACE WITH STATUS FURNITUREThe redesigning of office space so as to figure better and to pump in some energy and creativity needs careful planning and  a component design thinking. In this blog, we present Durian’s findings and helpful ideas to redesign workspaces.

The status furniture working with brands and businesses across industries, status furniture in chindwara come with new advanced ideas that are restructuring work habits and workspaces too.

Let us start talking about new ideas how you can make your new office come true.

Why should we redesign?

Before we begin talking about how to redesign your office, let’s spend a moment on why to redesign it at all.

The old setup of offices did not take into consideration the design thinking perspective – it used to be more or less about putting together several tables and chairs and maybe leaving a separate room for meetings or leaving space for a cabin for the leaders. That is how many teams wound up sitting against each other rather than with each other.

Status furniture will redesign your office because we need to make it more appealing and accommodative to everyone. Status furniture will assure that your team is in a safe, sanitized environment.

You need to redesign your workspace because of the following reasons:

  1. Respect for social distancing
  2. Protection of team members’ privacy
  3. Enabling collaborative work
  4. Ergonomic care for users’ health
  5. Sophisticated look & feel
  6. Integrating technology usage
  7. Flexibility & adaptability

 Finally, there’s the biggest why of all – you need better work practices, better work culture, and better productivity. We build that “better” ethos into the physical space of your office.


Redesigning a workspace can materialize if you take stock of what you’ll need to address the new scenario.

While a more of parts go for the redesigning, status furniture one thing that is easier to start with: the way you furnish your office.

If your office is in a building where there are other offices, you may not be able to ask for better parking or make other such demands that need a revamping of infrastructure.

But you can definitely start with status furniture to make your office  furniture super comfortable and wanting your staff to get back to the office.

Status furniture  experience with helping businesses redesign, we’ve helped them with:

  1. Customizable options in upholstery (for switching to something that can be sanitized easily or for décor, reasons switching to colors that are more appealing)
  2.  Customizable options in another surface material: Veneer, Laminate, metal, paint – everything comes with its own advantages.
  3.  Customizable workstations for various needs: Linear, L-shape, 12 degree, cabin, accessories to accommodate teams of different sizes.
  4.  Furniture for different spaces: Cabins, workspace, meeting & conference rooms, lounge areas, cafeteria, auditoriums
  5.  All furniture with protective screens & sample storage.